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With a targeted and well-executed campaign, businesses can quickly increase their market share

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With a targeted and well-executed telesales and telemarketing campaign, businesses can quickly increase their market share with our trained sales agents. CLCA Call Direct can target B2B, B2C or a combination of both. If you’ve got a great and innovative product line or service that you want to sell but don’t want or can’t afford a full-time sales team, we can help.

We understand that identifying business opportunities over the phone takes dedication and skill and we will create a bespoke strategy by using your valuable input and implement the right training to achieve your business goals. No-one is more of an expert on your product or service than your company so when coupled with our fantastic sales team, we know that we will benefit your business.

Our service encompasses:

Appointment booking – Our services can research and contact potential leads to set up appointments for your business.

Lead generation – Our team can identify and filter potential business and sales leads.

Selling over the phone – Our trained sales agents can sell your products or service through inbound and outbound calls with a pre-agreed sales script which can include a full or part sales process.

Email distribution and follow-up direct mail is often the most effective marketing strategy so ensuring that your sales team can sustain the quality that is required to secure a sale is paramount.

Product or service launch – Our sales team can support your business when launching a new product or service by assisting with the above points.

Our talented and well-trained sales team will ensure that leads are converted and valuable customer relationships are generated to

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