Increasing revenue and profits through conversational commerce
by Andy Connell

30th August 2018

Over the recent years, the huge development and expansion of social media platforms have allowed companies to market their products and services for free to a huge network. With the use of Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, amongst others, business have been able to increase profits, improve brand visibility and recognition and extend awareness on a global scale through social media amplification methods.

Consumer behaviour has drastically changed over the last decade. Multi-channel engagement has emerged and is thriving among new and existing generations of shoppers. Why not check out our article on this topic by clicking here?


So, why has conversational commerce started generating revenue?


There are two important trends and developments that have led to this:

  1. Messaging

Today people are spending more time on messaging applications than social media. In fact, one of the top business and financial news websites: Business Insider, released an online article reporting how messaging apps have surpassed social media platforms and are continuing to do so with great momentum. Individuals are now spending increasingly more time on Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, and WeChat, which has meant businesses are now capitalising on this trend by developing applications that tap into these messaging platforms and by providing resources, both in-house and outsourced, that can support these platforms 24/7.


  1. Outsourcing

Whilst outsourcing is not a new notion, it is one that is still gathering pace on the global stage. With the huge resources available in countries such as the Philippines, India and South Africa, companies are able to take advantage of high-quality, yet cost-effective staff, often with the Governmental support of the industry such as in the Philippines.


Due to the rise in usage of messaging applications across a multitude of platforms, coordinating these two areas is key and it is why you need a trustworthy, experienced and well-led outsourcing firm such as CLCA Call Direct.


How does conversational commerce generate revenue?


The main technique is to create a conversation interface where potential customers are able to communicate using their preferred method rather than fitting in with only an email or a call as their options.

With this in mind, conversation commerce can achieve a higher generation of revenue through:

  1. Lead Generation

An organisation that offers live chat functionality can support consumers whilst they visit the company website or social media channels. This can help customers by alleviating any boundaries before a purchase or even up-selling and cross-selling.


  1. A personalised journey

It is a fact that consumers always want to feel special whenever they are engaging with a company. This can work to enhance customer engagement and may certainly lead to repeat consumers, which translates to more profit for the organisation.


  1. Identify potential new customers and markets

Using a conversational commerce methodology allows businesses to gain an insight into current and potential future markets by identifying consumer demographics and behaviours. Utilising this data can be key to increasing market share or to expand the business.


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