How the customer has evolved and how businesses should react
by Andy Connell

12th July 2018

It is clear to see from sales analysis, business and product developments and customer service evolution that the customer and their sales funnel experience is becoming increasingly more complex and high-level.

The customer experience landscape is ripe for disruption. Companies are slowly making progress toward more seamless and simpler customer experiences to react to these changes.
So, how and why have customers evolved?

The main reason has been the expansion and improvement of the internet search engines and the introduction of web-based commerce. Regardless of the industry that your business falls in, no matter the niche, the customer can quickly gain a basic understanding of your product, service or company as a whole. This does have its benefits as you can establish yourself as a market leader and amplify this fact effectively but can also work against you.

Customers today expect every business to achieve a digital equality which essentially means that customers want businesses to off all the advantages of an in-store service online.
This newfound knowledge base and expectations necessitates business to react and these are just some ways that they can react:

Initially, businesses may have had one or two methods of communications with their customers. It is now almost seen as a requirement that businesses shift to technology for better experiences. Technology is helping the business give 24 x7 customer service, and operate in a rich technical environment, handling multiple workflows. Contact centres have evolved to handle customer preferences even in a multi-channel communication scenario.

Technology has made customers experience personalised service, with use of big data and analytics. The personal touch from companies makes customers feel valued and repeat custom and recommendations are increasingly likely and allows you to manage your reputation.

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Many companies are investing in tools to analyse the information that is collected from all sources such as social media, CRM, customer touch points to improve their services and give a better customer experience.


With these advancements in customers and their needs, businesses should increasingly consider outsourcing some of their business processes. These changes in the workplace can take away from the core processes and means that your focus has shifted. However, using industry experts can alleviate the risk and allow you to move back to these core functions.

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