Customer Service to Customer Experience – The Philippines are ready
by Andy Connell

5th April 2018

It’s not just about customer service anymore – international clients are looking for contact centres that are able to enhance their customers’ experience. This is due to the onset of artificial intelligence (A.I.) and increased automation across various industries, which have required a higher level of skills for contact centre agents.

Despite these adjustments, the Philippines’ call centre sector is expected to remain as among the strongest segments that contribute to the national economy, according to the Contact Centre Association of the Philippines (CCAP).

According to the CCAP, “…the business process outsourcing (BPO) is projected to become a $40-billion industry by 2022 based on a 16 percent annual growth rate. This will make the BPO sector the country’s top dollar contributor…”

What measures have the Philippines contact centre sector implemented to cope with these adjustments?

English proficiency is already very good in the Philippines, but now there is a growing demand to upgrade the level of service provided into a customer-experienced focused one. There is a need for contact centre agents to possess soft skills and enhance those in terms of science, technology, engineering, and math. BPO companies are coordinating with local universities to ensure that the courses taught are helping students gain the necessary skills required in modern contact centre jobs. As a result, many fresh graduates in the Philippines will be more than ready to take modern call centre jobs and will possess the skills for enhancing customer experience.

One of the main reasons CLCA Call Direct chooses to use the Philippines is because of the government support for this sector in terms of supporting Filipinos in education, which makes them suitable for contact centre positions. CLCA Call Direct are very ready for the ongoing shift towards customer experience. We uphold a rigorous application and selection process that involves several tests into the applicants’ fluency in English, as well as tests for IT knowledge and skills.

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