CLCA Call Direct was founded to provide multi-channel support for back-office, sales and customer service staff across a multitude of industries.
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Our Strategy

The aim of CLCA Call Direct is to help our clients meet the challenge of forming a successful and rewarding experience for customers and staff alike. In such a fast-paced and demanding world, it is becoming increasingly important to have available resources on hand to meet the needs of your business or customers. In this digital age, our resources allow you to maintain your day-to-day business 24-hours a day, 7 days-a-week across the globe.

The services we currently offer can be used as a short-term measure to reach a specific goal or as a cost-effective long-term solution.

We work closely with our clients and invest the time to understand their business processes, goals and aspirations and from this, we can build relevant requirements. This unique understanding of businesses allows us to tailor a structured account implementation.

To ensure that the team we have assigned is meeting the obligations of your business, we will send you daily key performance indicator (KPI) reports of their activity to give you full visibility into their progress against agreed service levels.

We are well aware that we are often the first point of contact for organisations and are proud to represent you. We are confident in our ability to deliver a world-class service to our clients and can guarantee that choosing CLCA Call Direct will revolutionise your business process.

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Our Staff

We view success as building a network of professionals that have the same goal to make a difference to your business, product or service. Our quality is heavily dependent on the people we choose to carry out our services and to maintain this high standard and to give our clients peace of mind, we uphold a rigorous application process.

CLCA Call Direct is one of the most reliable global outsourced call centres for tailored multi-channel support for your business. Our staff must complete the following stages during the recruitment process:


Our Investment

With the proven success of CLCA Call Direct, we have secured a significant investment from Barclays to facilitate further growth.

Through this backing, we have been able to create a global platform and expand the range of services available. What does this mean for our clients? It means that we can offer economical, scalable support services that allow you to focus on your business.

Ruth Maddox, Barclays Business Manager, said, “Barclays research identifies the significant role ‘entrepreneurs’ play in the economy and is committed to supporting such propositions. By using our knowledge and experience within the market, Barclays Business has been delighted to support CLCA and wishes the business every success for the future. The business has grown rapidly and continues to invest to identify new revenue streams.”

CLCA Call Direct Managing Director continues “The new investment has allowed us to expand our operation into providing 24-hour support to not only to our own staff but also to our competitors and similar operators globally. Delivering vital backup services and peace of mind is simply a phone call away. Running a business is tough, being tied to the company 24-hours a day with no respite. Our support services allow you to take a step back from managing certain areas of your business and let us do the hard work!!”

Why do we use the Philippines?

The Philippines has become one of the call-centre capitals of the world, but why is this?

The simple reason is that with its young demographic profile and a progressively increasing working-age population, the Philippines has a huge human resource that when tapped into can provide a competitive edge for businesses in this age of globalisation. Combining the specialist skills and the benefit of cost-effective labour that the Philippines has to offer, it is now possible for you to tap into this invaluable workforce.

Accent Neutral

Compared to other BPO giants such as India, Filipinos speak English more fluently with a national English proficiency of 92.5% based on a report. Filipinos are also accent neutral, which is what most companies look for in their voiced-support operations. In addition, they are also exposed to American idioms and slangs, which can be accounted to the country’s education system and also Western media. This gives our call centre services a more local feel, which can be a huge advantage when supporting customers through a challenging time such as a product recall.

High Literacy Rate

With a 95% higher education literacy rate, the Philippines is producing over 450,000 graduates annually. These numbers add up to around a 38 million employment pool in the country. Among these numbers are graduates with different specialisations such as accountancy, nursing and IT. With such a diverse knowledge-based workforce, Filipinos are qualified to work on different BPO services, which can be seen as a huge advantage for investors.

Aside from that, government offices such as the Technical Education and Skills Department Authority (TESDA) also offer courses that are in line with the BPO sector requirements, specifically in the voice-support industry.

Cost-Effective Rates

Labour cost in the Philippines is generally inexpensive, with only a fraction-worth of the salaries in the Western countries. However, rates in the Philippines remain slightly higher than that of another BPO capital, India. Although this is the case, BPO companies still chose to operate in the country because of the quality of labour Filipinos provide, according to the Information Technology-Business Processing Association of the Philippines (iBPAP).

Based on a US Meta Group study, the Philippines is the top country in the world with the most skilled workers and availability of knowledge-based jobs. The same study found out that the country also ranks fourth in labour quality among the Asian nations.

Government Support

Aside from offering TESDA course, the government also shows its support to the BPO industry in various ways. For instance, the creation of the Department of Information and Communications Technology through RA 10844 was aimed to bolster the BPO sector in the country. Click here for an article.

In addition, various laws such as the Data Security Act and the revised Special Economic Zone Act were also passed to help boost the said industry. The Data Security Act, or RA 10173, aims to protect sensitive data from threats like banking details. It complies with the International Data Privacy Standard.

On the other hand, the revised Special Economic Zone Act, or RA 7916, introduces taxation-relation benefits such as four-year corporate income tax exemption, local tax and permits exemptions, duty-free import of capital equipment, and permanent residence for foreign investors. It also offers operation-related and capital-related benefits, as well as reduced area requirements for developers.

With the help of the factors above, the BPO sector in the Philippines was able to reach a milestone in just a few years. The international scene has recognized the efforts the whole nation was putting into the BPO services it provides. If this success keeps up, it is not far to reach that $48 annual revenue by 2020, as projected by experts.

Our Executive Team
Cherry Adams
Andy Connell
Chief Commercial Officer
Allyson Bailey
Chief Recruitment Officer
Teofanet Mallillin
Country Director - Philippines