Technology and data protection are at the heart of all of our voiced and non-voiced services

Technology forms a crucial part of the services we offer to our clients. With this in mind, CLCA Call Direct makes its services and expertise available for the development, system integration and implementation of a complete turnkey solution.

Our continued investment in our services ensures our technology and infrastructure provides globally recognised solutions which guarantee we are able to meet your business objective.

In an increasingly digital economy, the need to keep data secure has never been more important. At CLCA Call Direct, we fully recognise this need and we ensure that we are fully compliant in all of the countries that we operate in.

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About CLCA Call Direct’s solutions

LGORITHIMNGCC is a software that implements call centre interactions management for small, midsize and distributed enterprises.

Using CLCA Call Direct’s Contact Centre Solution, businesses enjoy an end-to-end platform that manages all their channels of communication with their customers: Inbound and outbound voice calls, customer emails and faxes, online web interactions like chats and web call-backs. These multimedia interactions are handled using unified flows to create the same customer experiences across all channels.

CLCA Call Direct offers a sleek user portal called NGUCC, an innovative Call Centre Software Portal that serves as an entry point to LGORITHIM’s easy to use tools and applications. Through this portal, the entire Call Centre workforce can easily access from any location at any given time the various applications and use them to handle customer’s interactions, control the call centre operations and monitor the overall performance of the call centre.

Overview of solution and service components

Core System

The core system runs under GPL/Linux and is preferred to run in Slackware Linux, Ubuntu, RedHat Enterprise Linux or CentOS.


This component manages telephony interfaces and provides a critical function to the call centre. Part of this system is the management of traditional PSTN to digital conversion. The system has basic telephony functionality such as queue management, call processing, music on-hold, caller ID, call record detail, call recording and more. Handling of traditional (hard) phones, softphones or combination thereof is also possible with this system.  Interface to CTI-IVRS system, however, should be in a standard digital format to enable high-density phone handling as well as digital telephony features.


The database will be the central repository of all data collected from Dialler System.  This will be a replicated database using MySQL as the key database.

Integration and Customisation

The proposed system will be integrated into the client’s existing network.  System Management and agent’s interface is web-based. The report-generating tool will be customised to speed up generating reports.

Key Features:

  • Scalable
  • Customisable
  • Standards compliant
Lgorithm Solution’s CRM

Lgorithm Solution’s CRM facilitates anticipation and responsiveness of the customer requirements accurately. It provides unparalleled features for data collection and communication interactions. Lgorithm Solution’s CRM simplifies Agent-customer interaction and helps businesses increase productivity through increased cross-selling, service customisation and customer retention. With Lgorithm more than 80% of the operations are executable with minimal clicks. The interface possesses an easy dialler navigation that allows for efficient lead management, tracking and status updates. Lgorithm Solution also empowers our customers with a CRM Modifier with which customers can do any change in CRM real-time without any help.


Agent Interface

Lgorithm Solution provides a Web Access interface for professional users. This is a browser-based application from the house of Lgorithm Solution. A single window Agent workbench specifically designed to provide a simple yet powerful answer to the needs of a call centre Agent. Lgorithm Solution’s NGUCC Web Access not just increases the efficiency but also helps reduce average handling time of the Agent. Developed using Rich AJAX and JavaScript platform, the interface is easily adaptable for complex processes of enterprise communications as it can be embedded in their existing applications (.net, Java and other web-based applications).

The call centre Agent follows a very strenuous and monotonous work pattern. Equipping the Agent with the right tools in a single-click access would definitely reflect on the overall Agent performance. Agent screens should be an effective presentation of all important information as well as call handling controls. However, the challenges faced by call centre Agents in terms of web-interface are – clustered designing; irrelevant icons thrown in and less space left for key telephony functionalities and CRM data. This creates confusion for the already fatigued Agent.

“The Lgorithm Solution’s NGUCC Web Access platform has been designed to utilise every pixel of the Agent screen in the most optimal manner. Ease-of-use and comprehensive functionalities have been taken as the key focus areas while engineering and designing the application. Call controls, call-back management, presence information, Agent statistics, campaign statistics, CRM screen and knowledge base have been presented in a single-click access manner to uncomplicated the usage of various functionalities.”

The Lgorithm Solution’s NGUCC Web Access Agent workbench includes a more optimised display of telephony controls to create more space for business specific information for the Agent via knowledge base and CRM screen. The Agent is better equipped with real-time and detailed information in a single screen view and can handle a customer more effectively. The Agent workbench also includes call status details showing the details of the last call dialled/ attended by the Agent.

Interface for our agents


Supervisor Interface

To view Agent activities and performance in real-time, Lgorithm Solution’s NGUCC provides a strong administration framework via Supervision interface. Monitor Agent across various campaigns and access vital information regarding Agent status, call status, call history, dialling configuration, voice settings, customer interaction, lead management and campaign management in real time. Listen to voice logs or enter into live interaction via conferencing, snooping, whispering or barging.

With real-time monitoring, managers can glance at the prevalent call behaviour and Agent performance. With information about key metrics, Lgorithm Solution’s NGUCC allows managers to modify campaign configurations, voice settings or dialling modes thereby improving overall productivity.

The Supervisor also controls the number management functionality and uploads the leads to the system for outbound dialling. The outbound capabilities include:

  • The data for validation calls will be uploaded onto the software.
  • Pre-defined filters associated with the callout activity like regions, age grouping, status groupings can be applied for equal distribution of the calling activity across regions and sub-groupings.
  • Exclusion management can be enabled which removes specific numbers from the callout in order to prevent repetitive information sharing.

The Agents are also allowed to switch between Auto Call On and Off mode depending upon the need continue or stop receiving the calls respectively.

Interface for supervisors


Monitoring Agents


Administrator Interface

Lgorithm Solution provides an easy to manage tool for administrators who are provided complete access to all maintenance related functions via a browser interface. Management tasks can be automated via scripting, and alarms can be sent to the relevant parties for system-related events. These alarms can be sent via SMS or Emails to IT teams who can make quick decisions to take the necessary actions.

Upgrades and technical support are made easier with an online ticketing portal, where a dedicated support engineer would respond immediately. IT teams can create, track and manage tickets using the online portal thus gaining visibility into how their issue is being resolved. User management, voice log management, services management, report generation, and other system level features can be managed by a web-based control panel, as well as an Administrator interface built into the Lgorithm Solution platform.

Interface for admins


Voice Logger

For maximum quality and training, Lgorithm Solution provides an inbuilt voice logger that records calls that are easily retrieved for quality management. Lgorithm Solution’s NGUCC Voice Logger compresses the voice logs to lower storage requirements, and archives selected or old calls. Automatic and backup management further free up administration’s bandwidth to perform other activities than manually backing up all voice records. Moreover, the quality teams can also listen to voice records from the console or a web-browser (remote access) with various multimedia operations. The system currently supports mp3, VOX, ALAW as its default extensions and is easily customized with a mixer with codec plug-in support.

Reporting & System Administration

Lgorithm Solution’s pre-integrated cradle-to-grave reporting empowers you to design and generate business-oriented comprehensive reports relative to process performance, campaign productivity, call details, call history, user session, workforce and system. Both real-time and historical data can be included in the reports that can be accessed and processed for analysis purpose. User management, voice log management, services management, report generation, and other system level features can be managed by a web-based control panel, as well as an Administrator interface built into the Lgorithm Solution platform. There are default 200 different templates that can be extracted from the system.



Outbound Dialler

Agent-less (IVR) Dialling: In this mode, the dialler throws calls in conjunction with the IVR (Interactive Voice Response) and plays pre‐recorded messages for callers (Broadcasting). No Agents are involved and the IVR attends to all connected parties.

Warranty & Support

Our system comes with 24/7 tech support to ensure our systems will be a stable base for Client’s solutions.

Data Protection

With the introduction of the European Union General Data Protection Regulation, the Company adheres to the strict set of data privacy and security protocols. Our Data Breach policy follows the guidelines set out by the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) to provide our clients with peace of mind when using our services.

Our services use the following security measures:

Local server

Data Encryption we use DESlock which is a simple yet powerful encryption solution to protect company hard drives, removable media, files and emails.

Data Loss Prevention we use safetica which protects the company from expensive data leaks and unnecessary personnel costs.

Backup and Recovery we use StorageCraft which delivers backup and recovery for our company’s IT environment.

Patch Management we use FLEXERA which is a  corporate software inspector from Flexera Software that protects organisations against software vulnerabilities.

VoIP Server

IP tables and Firewalls are being used. One designated IP for the office VoIP system (blocks all other IP addresses) and Postgres for the main database.