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It is important to react quickly and effectively to a product recall

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A product recall is something that few companies plan for and is something that you would hope to avoid. However, it does happen and it is important to react quickly and effectively. Maintaining a positive brand image is key to a successful business and how you respond to a crisis, often impacts on this.

Our team of experienced professionals allows your in-house staff to remain in their current job roles ensuring the day-to-day running of your business remains constant.

The main goal is to retain your customers’ loyalty to your company and our services can provide domestic and international support to allow customers to be contacted at a convenient time for them in what can potentially be a distressing time.

Our recall strategy:

  • Request an initial meeting to include the affected product, the reason behind the recall and how it may affect the customer, instructions regarding how customers should return/dispose of the faulty product and a comprehensive FAQ script to help agents answer questions quickly and effectively.
  • Set up a unique VOIP number that will direct to our agents.
  • Agree upon staff requirements – number, qualifications required etc.
  • Agree on a start date and operational hours to suit customer base.
  • Train agents from information gained from the initial meeting.
  • Sign-off from the client on agent quality.
  • Continuous feedback and reporting to the client.
  • Customer follow-up to help to rebuild a positive brand image and allay customer worries for future sales.


If your recall includes a full or partial refund or a compensation package, we are able to fulfil this requirement through the Elavon partnership we have set up.

Key Industries:

We are able to take on products from all industries but we specialise in:

  • Automotive Industry.
  • Technology Industry.

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